Guy Tries to Flee illustrated by Chris Sanders

"This is a little snippet where Guy tries to flee from the Croods. Eep overtakes him with ease, and proceeds to ask him questions. Again, mostly here for the hippie of it all. Note the creepy vest. And the hippie shoulder bag. This was before he got his sloth. The fourth panel is cleaner than the others because if I ever get the chance I try and make a drawing pretty. One out of every hundred or so. For these I sometimes switch from a China Marker to a black Polychromos." ~ Chris Sanders.

You need less than a second to identify a Chris Sanders girl as such. He’s got such a great and unique style to draw them. It’s not the only reason I’m a fan of his art though. One of the things I like about his work is that he knows how to tell a good story with some originality (Lilo & Stitch, The Croods, How to Train your Dragon). His work always stands out in the visual and storytelling realms.

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