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don’t let me sink



losing my mind (via az)

losing my mind (via az)

Source: Flickr / azrasta


There’s no need to hang about waiting for the last judgment. It takes place every day.

Albert Camus



I want to learn japanese


Things you need to know

Time for the usual nonsense, with a few links to nice quality and beautiful fashion and emotive photos. Hope you like them…here we go….be cautious, not too much though, as there are no guns here.

I have one request: please call me when you have grown up. I hope you aren’t a bride by then. The thing is, lightwaves are like telephones.

Did you know that biting my arm is my favourite game? It’s almost a feast. At least that’s what Aymeline said. Belka used to think that way, too.

The moon is another thing I like a lot, specially when it rains and it reflects on your eyes. You need to open your eyes to see what you’ve done. There’s no more Farm Supply.

What’s the difference between people and authority? Looks like it’s only a flag. Don’t aim at it, or cinderella will eat you. That’s what happened to Lilac.


Scissors are a type of tool used for cutting thick material which requires a lot force to cut.



those plans were changed


You’d think it would be blue, not green.


What do you want from me?

It’s so quite over here. What about some nonsense text and a lot of links to cool photos? I knew you’d like the idea, so here we go:

Let’s start with a kiss from a rose. Then, you go to sleep at the window, dreaming about white horses. Then you wake up, how are you feeling? Do you feel out of focus? Or do you feel the light? Everything is ok, just don’t feel echopsychic. Just remember, we’re one.

Now what? I saw Katia with a hat, and I saw Claire closing her eyes. Do you want to be like her? She wants to be a butterfly, but somebody has to invite her. Maybe Felix can do that. And then we all can go look at ourselves looking at each other. We’ll be freaks in a world full of monsters. All of this happened because of you.


it’s time for more links to photos

You know it, and here it comes, a nice list of nice photos, mostly of beautiful girls:

Oh those eyes, they are beautiful. Aileen is also a beauty, and this girl, too. It’d be nice to see them all wearing a green bikini, it’d be really quite emotive. Anyway, here you have some water monsters, and sand from Spain.

She’s wet, but Laura is not. And I’m listening to some soul music, while the madonna of the breasts
takes a black and white portrait of a ray of light. I’m not sure if that was glamour or fashion, because I can only remember that smile. It was an unexpected rise, a bit purple, or maybe it was a scar on the playaSo…by that time someone was
eating an apple. That was 90 degrees of Nataly and FU. It was a real money shot. It was a mash up between an ad campaign and another girl. To finish this nonsense, let me show you a blue jeans back,
wrap and sss. Good night!


More of them cool links to cool photos

You know the kind of cool I’m talking about. Now, lets start with my usual nonsense:

Let me start with a powerful shot of Rael, because once you’ve seen her, you’re never coming down, and you’ll need to Scream your pretty little lungs out. It feels like you’re sitting on a wire fencing. Maybe you’re tempted to do that…

It’s just that you don’t know freedom, because the curves own you. You’re just a marionette; or maybe not. On another subject, have you seen Roxanne’s dental gear? It freaks me out. I really prefer to look at a deconstructed waitress, or a pair of 38s. I just don’t like monsters, nor winter, or thinking about silly string suicide. Bloo thinks timeless beauty is a chain, though in reality it’s all about Victoria and Deya X keeping their distance from a friend in need

Eli was thinking about that thing, and she remembered that Marine was framed. It was an awakening, or a requiem for a dream.
Some said it was the beginning of the end.

It was all so untraditional. Well, sure…it was winter all over again. Such a cliche, maybe it was made in China. Or maybe it was a hidden place underwater.

So, now she’s serious, because she likes the summer sun. It was her sweet self, a slim down girl, that gave herself to Dali. Try to rewind and talk to Kadavra (have you seen Kadavra? she’s a beauty). Don’t let her ruin you.

Finally, whenever you see Stoya in the shower, think about this girl, or this girl. Or, think about a barbarian warrior, or a girl with insomnia.


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